Calling all recruitment consultants...Want to know the secrets of being successful in recruitment?

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Many people have often asked me what did you do differently, which enabled you to be successful?

The first thing that comes to mind is from the beginning of my career I always knew that being average was never going to do it for me. Placing a candidate in a job may seem easy, but there is a real technique to doing this, leave nothing to chance. I often used to wonder why some people would bill £100k per year and others would bill £300k per year and some even £500k per year. You might be surprised to hear that a young man aged 32 working in one of my recruitment businesses billed £1,400,000 million in 2019, yes that’s really possible but what did this man do differently?

Recruitment is all about process, not just personality. Yes personality plays a part but please don’t try to “wing” it when it comes to your success. Earn the placements you desire while enjoying the reverence, supremacy, and stature recruiters command! You need to have a consistent work ethic, the ability to follow a process, transparency and enthusiasm. An excellent recruiter is a leader who comes across to others in the process as a partner.

Please view the 17 video modules below:

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