The Real Deal

From Brick Lane to Dragons Den

‘The Real Deal’ is the incredible story of James’ remarkable life. With lucid realism, the journey starts from his childhood as a 1960s Pakistani immigrant in Brick Lane, through his decision not to join the family business, to the phenomenal success of his first headhunting company, Alexander Mann.

Since its release, this intelligibly written but grounded life story has ranked at the top of numerous online and offline book charts ‘The Real Deal’ remains a big-seller. In 2009, James introduced the paperback version of ‘The Real Deal’, and it has continued to appeal to people who are interested to hear the story of James Caan, the businessman. James has also recorded an audio version of his book (you can buy this

James Caan The Real Deal

“As well as a compelling read, The Real Deal is a great business book. It’s an excellent source of business advice from someone who really knows his stuff.”

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