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Mentorship is becoming more and more accessible and recognised within the entrepreneurial circle these days and that’s because, at last, people understand the importance and impact a mentor can have on young aspiring entrepreneurs. Starting up is a long process full of highs and lows. 90% of businesses fail. James has failed many times in business, and each failure has taught him a valuable lesson, allowing him to hone his knowledge and learn from his mistakes.

James was privileged in his previous role as Chairman of the Government-backed Start Up Loans Company to effectively pass some of his knowledge to some incredible entrepreneurs. It gave his the opportunity to impart some of these invaluable lessons and reach, in a very direct fashion, the entrepreneurs and business minds of tomorrow.

With his personal experience as a passionate entrepreneur, being able to share his knowledge with the next generation of entrepreneurs was really important to him because ‘what is the point in possessing it all if it does not help others?’ Mentors can help guide and nurture you, sharing wisdom you’ll never forget. For James, this was his father’s one-liner – “Observe the masses and do the opposite” – advice which still resonates with him today.

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James at a press conference for McDonalds promoting soft skills and mentorship.
James in role of mentor at the International School of Monaco’s year 11 Enterprise Challenge.

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