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James Caan CBE is one of the most prolific entrepreneurs and investors in the UK recruitment sector.

James has been in recruitment for over 30 years and invests in recruitment companies of all sizes across various geographies and sectors. Alexander Mann, his first recruitment business, has gone on to become the most respected brand in the world. His second recruitment venture, Humana International, grew to 140 offices across 30 countries. His third sale was a collection of six recruitment companies to Graphite Capital in 2014 for £100 million.

£18.4 Million invested into existing recruitment business

258 consultants across the portfolio

3.8 Million invested into launching new recruitment businesses

£126 Million in revenue generated by the portfolio in 2020

23 different recruitment businesses under his mentorship

3,000 placements made in 55 countries in 2020

Invested Companies

Which stage are you in?

Are you an experienced recruitment professional with over 5 years in the business, unparalleled market expertise, and good leadership skills? Do you feel 2021 is the year for you to take that leap of faith and launch your own recruitment business?

As the markets have started to recover, I can see the light at the end of the tunnel and feel we are ready to grow. I am opening the 2021 investment fund, which is the fifth fund of its kind and our first opening since 2019.

I am looking to back the right experienced professional, who has the passion and drive to build a market-leading brand in their sector. I am looking to invest both the capital and infrastructure into my next entrepreneur to encourage their growth, and start the process of rebuilding the economy with a talented individual.

If you are ready to take the next step and have the entrepreneurial flair to run your own business,
then apply using the form on this page.

Do you have an existing recruitment business, but have hit a glass ceiling? Do you feel that with the right support, mentorship and further capital, this will unlock your potential and give you the push you need to build both a market-leading brand and a legacy?

Over the past 5 years, I have mentored and supported a number of entrepreneurs who had started the journey and realised that there are so many dimensions of truly scaling a business.

I will provide you with access to world-class recruitment resources, training and personal development, as well as a further injection of capital to attract the right talent, and to help achieve your goals and ambitions.

The people who I have supported have not only scaled their businesses, but have a business they can be truly proud of. Not only have the entrepreneurs I’ve invested in enjoyed a good income and healthy dividends; they have also created tangible personal wealth from the businesses they created.

We are opening the 2021 investment fund to existing small recruitment businesses looking to scale, create value and exit. The fund is the fifth of its kind and our first opening since 2019.

We are opening a £5 million fund to encourage growth and begin our expansion process with talented individuals. If you are an experienced small business owner and have the entrepreneurial drive to build and scale your company then apply using the form on this page.

Are you the owner of an existing recruitment business and looking to sell? Does your business fit the
below criteria?

  • Has been established for over 5 years
  • Known as a specialist in the market
  • Has an established team of consultants
  • Solid customer base with a proven customer retention strategy
  • Known for excellence in its industry
  • Has a good blend of both contract and permanent placements
  • Maintaining a healthy margin

If your business fits the description above and you are looking to realise value from your business, I would like to have an exploratory conversation with you.

We are now seeing the markets start to turn and light at the end of the tunnel as the economy begins to recover from the pandemic. We are opening the 2021 investment fund to existing recruitment leaders looking to realise value from their businesses.

If you would like to explore the above opportunity, please apply using the form on this page.

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