How Will the Rule of Six Affect the Job Crisis?

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As countries worldwide strive to minimize the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, England has taken a somewhat controversial approach. The newly introduced ‘rule of six’ prohibits gatherings of more than six people, which could add to further uncertainty in an already unstable jobs market.

This hypothesis that the ‘rule of six’ is going to impact unemployment cannot be overlooked. The fact is, and always has been, that the UK as a whole will be emerging with an unprecedented unemployment spike at the end of furlough.

But how can professionals brace for impact?

Recent studies demonstrate that people are willingly taking entrepreneurial routes during the lockdown, which is why I believe that professionals should be encouraged to retrain and learn business management skills. There is no reason that all of these professionals should be led to rely on re-employment post-furlough. Instead, they should follow creative paths to grow their careers.

The ‘rule of six’ is one of many pressures adding to the current jobs crisis. Soon, approximately two million people will face unemployment. Individuals hoping to avoid this fate should focus on retraining and business ownership upskilling. As we live through a ‘new normal’, this shift in focus will help professionals adjust and prepare.

At the end of October, a new ‘Job Support’ scheme will replace the current furlough scheme. While the government’s new plan pays 67% of workers’ wages at firms forced to shut, it still doesn’t prepare these workers for what’s to come. As soon as the furlough safety net is removed, the unemployment rate could rise to as much as 10% if no further protections are enacted.

This is not to say that the furlough and additional financial stimuli aren’t effective. During these unprecedented circumstances, everything the Chancellor has been doing to keep the economy stable should be applauded. However, to strengthen our jobs market post-furlough, we must get creative.

Creativity is Crucial

I implore the government to consider a more entrepreneurial approach to supporting the post-furlough jobs market. This will be no simple task, as many people facing unemployment have never had to deal with a similar situation before. This means that individuals at risk of job loss should feel empowered to take matters into their own hands.
All signs point to the fact that entrepreneurial growth is on the rise, as many people are unlocking ways to make money beyond the formalities of employment. eBay serves as a strong example, as it has reported a year on year sales growth of 335% from June 2019 to June 2020.
This is why creativity is so important right now, and professionals should immediately invest time in training to run their own businesses. While recent figures regarding entrepreneurship are promising, there still needs to be support and guidance to help people achieve their business ownership goals. The power of the internet should be explored, as some truly wonderful resources are available online. However, we still aren’t seeing much in the way of entrepreneurship encouragement in the government’s narrative.

My Message to Those Facing Furlough

Tapping into your own skills and unique potential is key at this moment in time. I encourage anyone who is nervous or uncertain about their prospects to consider retraining, upskilling, or considering business management. Those impacted the most by the jobs crisis should consider creative, sustainable outlets for their talents.
I hope that in time the government brings more training and development opportunities to the forefront. It could help to re-invigorate not only the jobs market, but also help to bolster our economy.

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