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Are you worried about how you’ll be able to find a job during the current economic downturn?

COVID19 has caused unemployment to soar dramatically, with a rate 10 times as high as the recent global financial crisis of 2008. According to research, unemployment is projected to increase from 5.3% to 10% in OECD countries by the end of 2020, with no recovery expected until late 2021. Many qualified applicants are fighting for the same few jobs available on the market, the competition is high and the smallest detail could make the difference.

Applicants in the post pandemic era will have to face multiple challenges at the same time and this is why it is most important to have a career strategy in mind and seek support on online platforms.

How important is your resume?

The answer is very much. As shown by studies across different countries, the resume is perhaps the most important part of a job application. It is how you first introduce yourself to any potential employer, it outlines an employment objective and demonstrates your suitability for the job. Job seekers use resumes as benchmarks to discard unqualified candidates and select the ones that will be then interviewed for the position.

When crafting the perfect resume you must keep in mind that the people who receive your resume do not know you, they are unbiased about your character and previous experience.
This gives you room to repurpose your CV and get ahead of the competition.
The drastic reduction in workload and hence increase in time available for other things must be taken as precious opportunities for each of us to broaden our skillset, get online certifications and deepen our expertise.

More applicants, new criteria

On the other side of the coin, companies also find themselves in a difficult position. Studies show that in OECD countries, the number of applicants has already increased by 105% on average since January 2020, and it’s expected to reach its peak by the end of 2020. In the UK alone, job applications for diverse roles went from an average of 25 a day to thousands, as Britons desperate for work started applying for jobs they
might have overlooked in the past.

In such a crowded hiring scenario, companies cannot afford anymore to select the right candidate solely based on their previous job experience, cover letter and skillset related to the position itself.
Many companies worldwide have indeed refined their recruitment strategies by adding new selection criteria such as adaptability and ability to work under stressful conditions.
It is hence imperative to highlight your experience during the current crisis: how did you cope with such difficult times? Have you tried to reinvent yourself? Were you able to take matters into your own hands and
overcome the challenges?

Keep these questions in mind when writing your resume, craft it around your strengths and qualities, even if they are not directly related to the position you are applying for.

How to get your resume in front of the right person?

Now that you have the elements to perfect your resume and stand out among thousands of applicants, one last challenge comes up. How to get on the right platforms? How to get your resume in front of the right people?

Here is where online platforms come in handy, especially during and after a profound economic crisis. Online platforms can help you accelerate your application process and get your resume straight to the right business
leader or investor, which is often a time-consuming struggle for many applicants.

As an example, MyVintro provides a unique medium for job applicants to access the inaccessible.  MyVintro allows anyone to pitch their business ideas and get investment opportunities in just one click.
Moreover, unlike other platforms,  MyVintro guarantees a response from top business leaders within 10 days. If you receive no response within 10 days, the service is free of charge, allowing you to save money and time.

Connect with business leaders such as myself just with one click. MyVintro is a revolutionary way to get ahead of the competition and achieve your career goals faster than ever before.
Go on the platform and pitch your idea now, you’ll immediately see the benefits.

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