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With competition for the few jobs available being fiercer than ever, never has the job market been tougher, making this a highly relevant read. Candidates need all the help they can get to stand out from the crowd, and it’s all in here. It was the previous difficult economic climate that convinced James it was time to share his 30 years of recruitment experience into one definitive and accessible guide, “Get The Job You Really Want”.

This book is aimed at candidates at all levels to help them at every stage of the recruitment process, from the initial application and crucial interview preparation, through to closing a deal on a job offer.

Get the Job reached No 1 in 3 categories on Amazon and No 20 in the overall chart within weeks of launch. In the interest of helping people get back into work at this difficult time, we’re offering it, for a limited time only, free of charge.

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I read this when I had been to four unsuccessful interviews after relocating and was having trouble getting feedback to see why I had not acquired the post. During the interview I went to after reading this, I took James Caan’s advice and became more proactive in asking questions, which seemed to work against me, as one of the panel indignantly asked me, “Who is interviewing who here?” Mortified, I considered writing to James to complain after receiving my rejection letter, while ringing the employers repeatedly to try to get feedback. Then on Xmas Day, I received a letter offering me the job!

I didn’t really believe this book could help me land a job but I figured after months of getting interviews but never getting the job it was worth a shot. I landed the first interview I went to after reading this book and I don’t think that was a coincidence. 100% worth a read, especially if you’re not sure why you’re not getting an interview/second interview etc as it’s full of loads of great tips and insights.

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