Get The Job You Really Want: A Sneak Peek

Getting the job you really want is not about being lucky, it is about creating your own luck.

In the current climate, the job market is tougher than ever and competition for jobs is ferocious. This is the perfect opportunity for you to prove your real value. The fact that this pandemic hasn’t stopped yet, doesn’t mean we have to stop trying to achieve our goals and realize our dreams.

“Get the job you really want” brings together all my 30 years of experience in the recruitment industry placing thousands of people in jobs and giving them the opportunity to land the job of their dreams. There are a few key strategies to follow when preparing for a job interview that will significantly help you set priorities and come across as the perfect candidate.

In the latest version of my book, I guide you through the job-hunting journey, from identifying the opportunity to making yourself stand out at interview and finally closing the deal on your dream job offer.

First of all comes research, and finding the right opportunity. I believe that one should not settle for any job that is not their dream. Of course, experience is key in knowing what your dream job is, and you should try different fields and positions before deciding where your path will take you. But once you have figured out your goal, keep trying until you get there because if you don’t try you will never know.

Perseverance has always been one of the qualities I look for when interviewing candidates: sometimes, or most of the time actually, a successful candidate is not only determined by their qualifications, but by their attitude and determination to perform well and provide value to their employer.

So, for example, when you find yourself in an office, interviewing for the job of your dreams, make sure you present the best version of yourself. Show your best qualities and the ones that might benefit your employer the most.

Along with perseverance, you have to make sure you know what you are talking about: study, be prepared for the job of your dreams and show them what you can bring to the table – what are your unique traits? Why do you think you would be the best fit for the position?

These are common questions during job interviews, and people often underestimate how important it is to answer them well. I have found myself in situations where I thought the candidate was not being genuine in their reasons to join the company, or they didn’t think about preparing for such questions beforehand.

This shows a lack of professionalism, which is clearly not ideal if you want to land the job of your dreams.

As I have wrote a whole book about how to land the job of your dreams, I will let you explore more at Get The Job You Really Want, and await for your reviews and feedback on my experienced advice.